At that point, Shackleton ordered his men to shoot the sled dogs and Mrs. Chippy, because he did not think they could survive. There was originally a track entitled Mrs Chippy's Dance, but the title was later changed because of a lack of suitable photographic material to accompany it. Feline Flotsam, 'Catline' divider bar courtesy of CatStuff Graphics. It is said that when master and cat came on board, Mrs Chippy followed McNish around like an overpossessive wife, and that's how he acquired his name — which stuck even when they found out he was in fact a tomcat! Finally, on October 27, 1915, a new wave of pressure rippled across the … What he did not like were the 70-odd Canadian sledge dogs that lived a rather miserable life chained up in lines of restrictive kennels on each side of the deck. The cat of the carpenter on the ill fated Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic. The tabby cat -- Mrs. Chippy -- jumped overboard through one of the cabin portholes and the officer on … I can do worse. Nor, indeed, ultimately for the dogs, who despite being rationed were consuming more meat than the men. Mrs Chippy was a male ship's cat who accompanied Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914–1917. [5] The final entry recounts Shackleton instructing his crew, now camped on the ice pack following the destruction of their ship, that to ensure their survival "Anything that cannot pull its weight or is not useful to the Expedition must be put down". Towards the end the crew had to camp out on the ice in tents, while Shackleton planned what to do for the best. However, he drew the line at penguin meat and refused to touch it. There are plenty of accounts of their adventures and I shall not repeat them here. For an image see our April 2011 stamp review. Ian Beale is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Adam Woodyatt.He is the longest-serving character and the only remaining original character to have appeared continuously since the first episode on 19 February 1985. She must have been in the water 10 minutes or more". Mrs Chippy, of course, loved all the attention and treated it as his due. The search was done in the presence of the lawyer, and there was no complaint from the lawyer for seeming unprofessional. Read Simon's story. 70. The ship became lost, trapped and then crushed in pack ice. Folios | Mrs. Chippy. document.write("?subject=Mrs Chippy\">"); MRS CHIPPY. Becoming apparently rather bored with the proceedings at one stage, Mrs Chippy seems to have decided the best thing to do would be to hibernate for a while, and he disappeared to somewhere warm and quiet from the 5th to the 10th of February. Mrs Chippy continued to sleep through much of what was happening, prompting the remark, years later, from a crew member: 'Mrs Chippy's almost total disregard for the diabolical forces at work on the ship was more than remarkable — it was inspirational. But new circumstances brought new priorities; Shackleton had three of the youngest pups shot along with the cat. Articles in Famous Felines are written by Artwork and an accompanying booklet feature original photographs taken by expedition photographer Frank Hurley and licensed by the RGS in London and the SPRI in Cambridge. Mrs Chippy was the tabby cat that accompanied Ernest Shackleton and his crew on board the Endurance when they set sail from the East India Docks in London on 1 August 1914, bound for the Antarctic, initially South Georgia. My friends were pushing me before school in a shopping trolley and I couldn't get out. He ate them with obvious pleasure, then washed and stretched out for a good sleep, little knowing it was to be a never-ending one. Being an equitable cat, there wasn't much that bothered Mrs Chippy and he settled down to find the warmest and most comfortable places on board, accept titbits from the crew in exchange for a purr, and do his job of protecting the provisions. It seems that after the crew had made their farewells McNish probably took the cat into his tent to say his goodbyes, when the steward Blackborow somehow rustled up a bowl of sardines — Mrs Chippy's favourite and a real treat. WWI. What did the men do for fun when the boat was blocked by ice? Shackleton made his trip with a crew of 28 experienced polar explorers, scientists, and sailors, on board the Norwegian ship Endurance. Shackleton shot Mrs Chippy for food, a callous act for which McNish never forgave him. and for a modern twist to Mrs Chippy's story see Post-war Antarctic Cats. Mrs Chippy’s voyage was not without incident. Chris very kindly sent us some photos (below) of the sculpture being admired by visitors, together with one taken beforehand in the bronze-caster's yard (centre) and one in its final position on Henry McNish's grave (second from right). Mrs Chippy, a tiger-striped tabby, was taken on board the ship used by the expedition's Weddell Sea party, Endurance, as a ship's cat by carpenter and master shipwright Harry "Chippy" McNish ("Chippy" being a colloquial British term for a carpenter). He picked him up roughly by the scruff of the neck and threatened to throw him to the dogs. Further examples of Chris Elliott's work can be seen at his website. document.write(""); The atmospheric music is themed around the various phases of the expedition and the stages of the men's survival. In a diary entry dated 29 October 1915 he recorded: This afternoon Sallie's three youngest pups, Sue's Sirius, and Mrs. Chippy, the carpenter's cat, have to be shot. On the ice, what became the main diet for the men? With conditions now more dire than ever, and no room for dead weight, Shackleton ordered the four weakest sled dog pups and the carpenter’s cat Mrs. Chippy to be shot. The sculptor, Chris Elliott, tried to represent the cat as alert, but with his body relaxed as though he were lying on his master's bunk. His eyes lit up like saucers, frantic, like a mad man, for a moment, “He shot my fucking cat!” he announced at the top of his voice for all the bar to hear. The New Zealand Antarctic Society placed a headstone on the grave in 1959. The incident is recorded in the diary of Thomas Orde-Lees, 13 September 1914 (in which he refers to the cat as 'she'). However, by then, everyone was used to the name "Mrs. Chippy," and kept using it. Direct linking (hotlinking) to ANY images on this site is strictly forbidden. Antarctic historians say McNeish never forgave Shackleton for having Mrs Chippy shot along with the sledge dogs when the crew became marooned on pack ice 350 miles from the nearest land… When the time came the biologist, Robert Clark, picked up Mrs Chippy and gave him an affectionate hug and stroke. He survived there until 1930, destitute, with help from the waterfront folk. The curator of Antarctic History at the museum in Canterbury, Baden Norris, recalls being taken as a young boy to see McNish when he was old and ill; even then he was still mourning the loss of his cat. [6] The painting was shown in The Stuckists Punk Victorian exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery during the 2004 Liverpool Biennial. What most famous photograph of endurance was … As it happened, the main body of his team never made it to the South Pole, but what did happen is an adventure worth telling. In 2006 a fine plaque dedicated to Harry 'Chippy' McNish was unveiled at the library in his Scottish birthplace of Port Glasgow. Images and content (whether original or used at Purr 'n' Fur with permission) may NOT be reproduced One month after the ship set sail for Antarctica it was discovered that, despite her name, Mrs Chippy was actually a male. Then, in 2004, a life-size bronze statue of Mrs Chippy was added to the grave. It took until September 1916 for all of the men to finally be rescued. She always seems like the type who overpowers and is really toxic in a relationship . During July, along with the rest of the crew, he was weighed, and at 9lb 10oz (nearly 4.4kg) was considerably heavier and stockier than at the start of the voyage (unlike the rest of the crew, who had all lost weight, although they were healthy). McNish's surname was and is commonly spelled 'McNeish' — Shackleton himself used it — but his birth certificate revealed it to be McNish, and in 1998 the name of the island was accordingly officially altered. Blackborow rescued the cat before the threat could be carried out — but that was another life gone! mrs. chippy was also killed, chippy the carpenter (and maybe others) lamented this too. However, played by 'Mac', Mrs Chippy did feature in the 2002 Channel 4 film Shackleton, starring Kenneth Branagh in the title role and with Ken Drury playing McNish (available on DVD). The upshot, as is well known, was that eventually, after three and a half months and against great odds, Shackleton did manage to lead all the crew to safety and no human life was lost. In 1925 McNish went to Wellington, New Zealand, where he worked on the waterfront until he was injured. Mrs. Chippy had been stranded in the ocean’s icy waters for a full 10 minutes before the crew was able to rescue the pet. [3], In February 2011, Mrs Chippy and expedition member Perce Blackborow were featured on a postage stamp issued by the South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.[4]. they called the cat mrs. chippy, thinking it was female. The painting Mrs Chippy by Wolf Howard shows the cat "about to be shot", while in the background Endurance is depicted trapped in the ice and its crew can be seen launching a small open boat on a rescue mission. Fans | After about a month, the crew realized that "Mrs. Chippy" was actually a male cat. In 1958 the British Antarctic Survey named a small island off South Georgia in his honour: McNeish Island. document.write("Patrick Roberts"); //END --> Well at least we can settle the question now of what happened to Mrs Chippy. The ice continued to move, to creak, break and The ship battled and pushed through the ice that With conditions now more dire than ever, and no room for dead weight, Shackleton ordered the four weakest sled dog pups and the carpenter’s cat Mrs. Chippy to be shot. He was described as "full of character" by members of the expedition and impressed the crew with his ability to walk along the ship's inch-wide rails in even the roughest seas. McNish's grandson Tom, who lives in England, was delighted and felt his grandfather would have been pleased. He was loved by the crew and by all accounts was a great kitty to have on a ship. LIFE ON THE ICE. These were called 'dogloos'. Frank Bossert is a German musician, composer and songwriter living in the north of the country. at another website or otherwise copied or used without prior permission. “So, what happened to Mrs. Chippy?” Harry looked at Willy once more. document.write("?subject=Mrs Chippy\">"); Our featured feline at the head of the page is Simon of HMS Amethyst. Finally I must highly recommend the marvellous book Mrs Chippy's Last Expedition, by Caroline Alexander (1997, Bloomsbury Publishing, ISBN 07475 3819 0). In June 2004 the society cleaned up the grave and commissioned a life-sized bronze sculpture of McNish's beloved cat to adorn it. He was willing and proved to be an asset, eventually gaining promotion to steward. Named Perce Blackborow, he was not discovered until three days later when the ship was well under way; after giving him a dressing-down in front of the crew, Shackleton let him stay for the duration of the voyage and put him to work. McNish was an outspoken, opinionated Scotsman. The Antarctic dog derby. 3.0 out of 5 stars A nice book if your kids don't ask "So what happened to Mrs. But to the seamen of Endurance, the carpenter was a hero. Fully and proper tribute cannot be given to the intrepid expeditioners until the photos are posted. Mrs. The candidates interrupted each other during the chippy debate, ... “I have a feeling by the end of this evening I am going to be blamed for everything that has happened,” Mrs. Clinton said. One of my favorite books is "Endurance," Sir Ernest Shackleton's story of his attempt in 1914 to cross Antartica via the South Pole. After word got around the office Mrs. Landingham purchased her first new car, the president asked her to come back to the White House after picking it up so he could see it. (if this happens, use Refresh from your toolbar to reload the page). To pass the time when stranded for months on the ice the crew played football matches, arranged dog racing events as … All rights reserved He eventually decided they would have to head for the nearest land, nearly 350 miles away. “Mrs. This never happened and the ship eventually was crushed and sank. It is possible that the sardines were laced with a sleep-inducing drug. In 2001 Frank heard for the first time about Sir Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance expedition, and conceived the idea of making a modern musical composition inspired by the expedition's amazing story. What happened on June 15th? [7], An opera for primary school children, Shackleton's Cat by Russell Hepplewhite, was commissioned by the English Touring Opera in 2015. The album is now available as Shackleton's Voyage, a 51-minute musical interpretation telling the sensational story of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1914-1916 in a series of 15 tracks. ... What big world event happened just as the Endurance was ready to leave port?